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Fruity Cartoons

Fruity Cartoons

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The beautiful scent and design of our Fruity Cartoons container candle creates a fresh and uplifting ambience in your home. This scented candle is an exclusive member of our scented candle collection, handcrafted by an expert artisan candlemaker.

Scent: Fruity Cartoons

As named, this candle is inspired by childhood nostalgia. It smells of fruity cereal you’d enjoy while watching morning cartoons. Notes of apple, pear and sugarcane combine to create a delicious and sweet scent. This candle will leave you feeling energized and happy, as it’s fresh and fruity notes are a great pick me up.

This scented container candle is approximately 8oz or 220g in weight. Approximate burn time is 25+ hours.

- Handcrafted in Ontario, Canada.
- 100% Organic Freedom Soy Wax
- HTP cotton braid, zinc-free wick
- Phthalate-free, paraben free & paran free
- Eco-friendly and sustainable alternative

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