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Floral Tea

Floral Tea

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The beautiful scent and design of the Floral Tea container candle creates a romantic and elegant ambience in your home. This scented candle is an exclusive member of our scented candle collection, handcrafted by an expert artisan candlemaker.

Scent: Floral Tea

As named, this candle is meant to transport you to a garden tea party. Previously a fan favourite of our spring collection, Floral Tea is now a permanent addition to our main line. Notes of fresh rose combine with a green tea base to deliver a delicate and subtle floral scent. This candle will leave you feeling as if you were a royal queen, enjoying spring day in your garden.

This scented container candle is approximately 8oz or 220g in weight. Approximate burn time is 25+ hours.

- Handcrafted in Ontario, Canada.
- 100% Organic Freedom Soy Wax
- HTP cotton braid, zinc-free wick
- Phthalate-free, paraben free & paran free - Eco-friendly and sustainable alternative

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