Spotify's The Tourted PoetS Department Grove for Taylort Swift, featuring a sculpture bust of the Greek Goddess Artemis, one of our feature candles

How our Artemis Candle is a Easter Egg for The Tortured Poets Department

Our Artemis Candle was just featured by Taylor Swift! (Well not really)...

The statue of Artemis that inspired our goddess collection is. This officially makes our Artemis Candle TTPD canon and approved.

So why did Taylor Swift include a bust of Artemis in her promotion of TTPD? 

Was it on purpose, or was it coincidental? We uncovered this feature's secret meaning and discovered it's a missed easter egg! 

Read on below...

Taylor Swift and the Tourtured Poets Department

If you don’t know who Taylor Swift is already, you must be living under a bridge.

Taylor Swift is a mega pop star/singer from the USA who just launched a record-breaking album called The Tortured Poets Department.

As Taylor Swift revealed her Tourtured Poets Department, we fans were exact to see it was a secret double album. But before we had her album in our hands to listen to (and cry to) we were given easter eggs and breadcrumbs into her masterplan.

Days before her release Taylor Nation announced via social media that Spotify would be hosting a three-day pop-up installation at The Grove in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I was not able to be in attendance because I live in Canada (cries in Canadian swiftie) however, as images appeared on the internet I noticed a very peculiar thing.


The Spotify Grove had various sculptures surrounding it - including the Greek Sculpture of Artemis, which we used as a reference for our Artemis Candle!

So why would Taylor Swift use a sculpture of Artemis to promote her new album The Tortured Poets Department?

Artemis as a Metaphor for TTPD

Well, Taylor is known for her easter eggs so I knew this bust must have been placed strategically, and diving into the history of Greek Mythology (and our candle collection respectively) might offer us a clue.

Our Artemis soy candle is molded after the Greek Goddess Artemis. Artemis is the Goddess of wild animals, the hunt, chastity and childbirth.

Diana the Huntress by Guillame Seignac, 19th century, via Christies

In ancient Greek culture, they viewed men as cultured and a civilizing force that brought order to society, while women were inherently wild and primal beings that could wreak havoc. Marriage and sex were a way of domesticating or taming women - like domesticating a wild animal - and bringing them under control. Artemis chooses to remain an unmarried virgin - metaphorically refusing to be tamed or domesticated by a man and therefore is the patron of unmarried women.

Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poet Department is exactly that. An untamed, wild view into Taylor’s life and emotions. It’s her most authentically raw and powerful songwriting - so, therefore, using the Greek Goddess Artemis as a symbol for this fits perfectly.

TTPD and Goodnight Candles

Although not affiliated with Taylor Swift, we were excited to see that Taylor seems to share in our ideology that Artemis is a powerful symbol for women.

As a certified swiftie I am always looking for new and unique merch that is subtle in its approach to representing an artist.

Our soy Artemis Candle is now (excitedly) just that!

A candle that is a metaphor into the mind of TTPD, and a representation of women.

So how can you get your hands on an artisan-crafted Artemis candle? Check out our shop section of our website HERE.

So, whether you're seeking the perfect Swiftie gift or simply yearning to immerse yourself in the transcendent beauty of Taylor Swift's music, let our candles light your path - and let Artemis be your guide into the devastatingly beautiful poetry that is The Tortured Poets Department.


A chair member of The Tourtured Poets Department.

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